How is Calligraphy en Vogue’s, Calligraphy created? 

Our calligraphy is performed using a traditional ink and nib (pointed pen calligraphy) in most instances, unless otherwise stated. This is to produce a “true” thick and thin variation in the writing and thin hair lines and flourish details that make calligraphy beautiful. 

Occasionally calligraphy will be done with a paint brush (brush calligraphy) or with paint pens when traditional ink and nib type calligraphy is not possible on the medium being written on. 

We also perform calligraphy engraving on glass and ceramic objects. 

Why is calligraphy so expensive? 

Calligraphy is a hand writing art form that requires many  hours of practice and artistic development to produce the beautiful writing you see featured on our website and design portfolio. Calligraphy is a very slow art form and pricing has been determined by factoring in equipment and hourly time required to produce your luxury calligraphy items. 

Just like a painter, a calligrapher will have a particular or many particular styles that have taken years to develop and perfect. 

What is digitised calligraphy? 

Sometimes designs will require digital calligraphy. (Large bodies of writing such as menus which have a lot of writing and a large QTY of items required) and it just wouldn’t be cost effective to hand write each piece individually, or for use on digital mediums such as writing for website design, branding or social media. 

Digital calligraphy is produced by hand writing the words required with an ink and nib and then scanning into a computer and creating a vector file of the words so they can then be printed and supplied as needed. This method of creating calligraphy maintains the beautiful features of handwritten calligraphy with the versatility of being able to use calligraphy in lots of different mediums and materials. 

How before my send out date should I book in my wedding invitations? 

We usually recommend couples book in their stationery dates as soon as they have booked their reception and venue. Although the process for creating your stationery and designs is roughly an 8 week process there is a limited to how many projects Calligraphy en Vogue can take on in any one period. We like to keep our services bespoke and exclusive for all our clients so we only have limited availability for wedding invitations. 

We usually advise couples to start the creative process for their wedding invitations at least 6-8 weeks before their ideal send out date. Time is taken to create a mood board, discuss various print methods and time is also required for calligraphy details and specialised printing. 

How do I know which style of calligraphy Is perfect for me? 

You can refer to our attached blog post here. 

We like to discuss mood, themes and ideal aesthetic with all our project clients before recommending a particular style of calligraphy to ensure it conveys the message you’d like your receivers to feel and see. 

How will you ship my Items? 

All items are sent Australia wide via Express post services except for small stationery gift packs. 

If items are time sensitive we recommend you email the studio to arrange courier delivery for any items required within a quick turn around. 

Large scale or fragile items in custom orders will be quoted accordingly for these items at the time of quoting. 

Can you do other things, other than what’s shown on your website?

We love a challenge here at Calligraphy en Vogue, so if you have big ideas, feel free to email me at - email -  and we would love to chat! 

Do you do last minute projects?

Yes we can! Because we are a full time working studio, last minute projects are achievable if we have some availability in our schedule. But it’s best to book in as soon as possible to avoid rush fee’s or disappointment if we are fully booked.