How To: Choose a calligraphy style for an event

All calligraphy is beautiful right? We think so too! 

But all calligraphy has it's time and place. 

Calligraphy design can be really overwhelming if you haven’t had a lot of typography experience before, often people won’t ever think of a calligrapher until it is their wedding or special occasion (only probably the most important day of your life!) 

So now is not the time to get your calligraphy style wrong.. 

Here’s why I’ve put together a comprehensive guide of the different lettering styles and what they represent. 

Modern Pointed Pen Calligraphy 

This is one of the most popular styles that we get requests for, and one of my personal favourites. 

Besides the fact that it’s so gorgeous, it’s a pretty broad category but has some basic rules. 

This is usually done with a pointed pen and has some elements of traditional calligraphy but generally speaking will not have the perfect adherence the to the letter shape like a traditional calligraphy style. Often the letters will look “bouncy” and elongated and exaggerated stems to produce this more relaxed style. Some of the more casual styles also use large lowercase letters in the place of capitals. 

This style is so perfect for a modern elegant affair. It can vary in it’s formality and thats why I love it the most. I love this style for modern elegant weddings, fashion calligraphy and pretty much any event you can think of… 

Just make sure you double check with your calligrapher if you could like a formalised capital letter design before signing off. 

Formal Copperplate Calligraphy

This is the Foundation style that many modern styles are derived from. There is a set structure on letter formation and spacing. With each letter have it’s technical capital letter form and lower case. 

Although it might look simpler than some of the flourished or modern calligraphy styles, it is in fact mastering this particular script takes years of practice and dedication to perfect. 

Copperplate calligraphy is used for formal affairs. Black tie weddings, important political and corporate events and the writing used when having a calligrapher doing your wedding vows and certificates. 

No one will mistake the importance of your event with this script! 

Flourished Calligraphy 

By far the most elaborate of all the calligraphy styles and usually the most expensive style. Flourished calligraphy is always going to make a statement with maximum impact. 

The beauty of this style is it can be incorporated with either modern or copperplate letterforms to make it more versatile than it first appears. 

By mixing with a formal copperplate style this elevates a copperplate to a super luxury font! This is by far the best way to wow your guests and takes a super skilled calligrapher to pull off this style. Be prepared to pay top dollar for your design services on this one.

Best for luxury weddings and formal events that require their own special kind of calligraphy magic. 

Flourishing and modern calligraphy is a match made in heaven. It gives your script and beautiful floral, dreamy like quality thats perfect for weddings and pretty affairs. 

It makes a super formal style of flourishing a little more relaxed and I just love the balance of having unstructured letter forms with beautiful swashes and line formations. 

This style can be adapted for so many uses. Bridal, fashion, lifestyle and branding can all have beautiful flourished modern calligraphy styles to elevate your event.

Brush Calligraphy 

This is another modern style of calligraphy that is done with paint and brushes or with a brush pen. 

It creates a rough around the edges style of modern script that is considered very fashion forward and a little edgy. It has a more organic feel to it that can be perfect for a more relaxed style of event or events targeted at a younger audience. 

Fonts can range from quite structured in their letterform to quite scrawling “hand written” quality. 

This style is best suited for rustic or relaxed wedding, younger fashion crowd and anything that requires a more organic “rough around the edges” font. 


Also know as faux calligraphy. This is usually done with markers, paint or pens. This style is quite edgy and is a beautiful way to bring some edginess or “sass” to your design. 

Often seem when a brand is trying to target a younger, more fashion forward crowd while combining it’s traditional branding elements. 

Lettering can also be used to imitate other calligraphy styles for when using a pointed calligraphy pen just isn’t possible ie murals or writing on leaves.

Often used to drive a point home or emphasis a particular element of the design. 

Hand written block letters

This script is best suited for casual affairs or a younger fashion affair. There is so much variety in this style of script and the best way to describe it is designer handwriting as each calligrapher tends to have their own unique style. 

Best used for branding and design elements. It can also work well for a more relaxed event when paired with modern calligraphy for large blocks of texts.

Another important aspect of your design is pairing the perfect font with your spot calligraphy. There is perfect pairings with these things and calligraphers deal with fonts and their meanings every day… 

I hope this guide has given you a head start on the best calligraphy style for your design! 

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Joanne Eleanor